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Salam 1malaysia Malaysia

Are you looking for a nice plate number for your brand new car? Or any thoughts of changing your current not-so-nice number? Whatever your reasons might be, we have what you want. We have hundreds of plate numbers that are new and unregistered. Feel free to browse through and contact us TODAY.

The latest W 1 M and W 1 N series are out for your reference, for your browsing through. I have also included list of SPECIAL OFFER & CLEARANCE STOCK plate numbers in this list for you to grab while stock last and special limited plate numbers WWW, IM4U, RL, LE and G1M. I would be more than happy to answer for all your queries, be it on numbers availability or anything on the registration, interchange, you name it. As usual, I'm wishing you a fruitful and productive week ahead and cheers


Abdullah Sany Hassan



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